Various grade carbon fiber of Korean and Chinese origin are prepreg with specific resin quantity fordifferent FAW to suit our manufacturing environment. Premium Japanese grade carbon prepreg are alsoavailable for selection.

Our Malaysian manufacturing facilities’ geographical location near to the equator gave us a constantworking temperature throughout the year, thus enabling us to use one specific resin content in ourprepreg, eliminating fluctuation in quality caused by different resin content.

Grade of carbon available:
1K woven carbon • 3K woven carbon • Biaxial carbon • Double-bias carbon • Triaxial carbon • Quadraxial carbon • Kevlar reinforced carbon • Fiberglass •

All international brands of roller guides are available for selection, with some brands able to do color customization through our factory’s order for OEM production.

Popular brands: brands

All international brands and different grades of OEM guides available for selection.

Popular brands: brands2

All international brands and OEM reel seats available for selection.

Popular brands:

Customized aluminum rod components and gimbal, anodized to specific requirement. Ready designed parts from various manufacturers are also available.

Popular brands:

Wide Selection of hardness and color of EVA to suit your rod design.

45 deg EVA For low cost rods
60 deg EVA For economical rods
70 deg EVA For mid-range to premium rods
80 deg EVA For premium rods requiring high sensitivity
Nitrile foam For heavy saltwater rods


Natural cork grips in various grades, composited cork, and compressed cork.

Grade 4A cork Top grade cork with few fine dimples
Grade 3A cork Premium grade cork with some dimples
Grade A cork High grade cork with small dimples
Grade B cork Economy grade cork with moderate size dimples
Grade C cork Low grade cork with large dimples
Composited cork Cork skin on EVA foam
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