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Fishing rods are built over a tedious process involving many departments. In each stage of the process, there are possibilities that damages are cause which will deem the final produce below satisfactory, thus we conduct a series of quality check at all stages of it production to identify unserviceable products. The processes helps us eliminate the need for extensive rework after the final quality check, and minimize both labor and material wastage.


Rod blanks production

  • – raw materials are inspected to ensure they are in serviceable condition;
  • – each blanks are individually test for its tip flexibility and strength, blanks less than satisfactory are discarded;
  • – rod blanks’ finishing are carefully inspected;
  • – dimensions are taken to ensure they are within the specified range.


Rod butt assembly

  • – rod butt materials are inspected to ensure they adhere to dimension specification and in satisfactory surface finishing;
  • – each rods are check to ensure parts are in alignment with the rod blanks’ backbone;


Rod binding

  • – each guides are eye inspected to ensure they are free from damages;
  • – all guides are carefully realigned after binding.


Epoxy coating

  • – the bindings receive a minimum of 3 coats of epoxy coating, each coats are inspected for less than satisfactory curing.


Final quality check

  • – each rod is again inspected from tip to butt for any damages that could have taken place in the process of building;
  • – glued components are checked to ensure they are firmly in place;
  • – a final alignment check is conducted;
  • – a bending test is conducted to ensure the blank did not suffer injury during the building process.



  • – each rods meticulously eye inspected for scratches after being are carefully cleaned and polished;
  • – packed cartons are check for proper sealing and sufficient cushioning within the cartons

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