Company introduction

Founded in 1981, Anka Tackle Corporation Sdn Bhd is the manufacturing arm of Siow Chiang Group of companies, manufacturing a wide range of fishing tackle products. We have our own unique growth model, operating under an idea of concentrated synergies within our manufacturing capabilities, maintaining progressive growth with leading innovations and constant improvements.

With our close international connection and ongoing studies of the world’s market trends, we are able to meet and align with the rapid change in consumer taste. Our OEM and ODM products are seen in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Australia, South and North America.

Our results are not achievable without the support of our business partners. The technologically acclaimed materials from these industry leaders made up our world-renowned products.

Our in-house testing laboratories are equipped with modern technologies and equipment to perform an extensive array of product tests and materials analysis to help you in your product development.

Fishing Rods

Established in Penang 29 years ago, building fishing rods for the Australian market, Anka Tackle had since acquired diverse technologies. Over the years, we have evolved into a top-notch producer, making some of the best fishing rods in the world.

We are most self-critical of our own work process and development. Coupled with our stringent quality control system, we consistently produce high quality products that meet our customers’ satisfaction. Our rods are the choice of many professional anglers, with many rods playing a part in breaking IGFA records.


With a wide portfolio of production line that are targeted at specific consumer needs, varying from premium sports fishing, commercial fishing lines to other unique industrial applications.

Beginning from strategic co-operation with our international partner for customization of resins formulations, to in-house monofilament extrusion and consumer packaging, this vertically integrated business model allow us to pass our cost saving advantage onto our customers to meet market competitiveness. Being in control from raw materials to finish products enable us to implement our strict quality control system in the total production process, ensuring our products meet our customers’ required specification.

Employing Japanese and Korean technologies, our filament extruding capability range from 0.15mm to 6mm in varying quality features, Different compound, resins formulations, line colors, stiffness and suppleness are produced accordance to our customers’ requirements. We offer fluorocarbon, single polymer and co-polymer fishing lines in unlimited color variations by both Spin Dye and Bath Dye. Our lines are available to manufacturers, spoolers, and importers throughout the world in bulk spools, coiled or hank lines.

Braided Line

Anka’s high performance braided fishing line production facility, complete with state of the art braiding technology, in house customized machinery and testing equipment, is poised to be a quality producer for premium class braided fishing line in Asia.

Utilizing high performance super fiber like Spectra, Dacron, Aramid, Kelvar, Nylon, Polyester and other technical fibers, we produce specifications in hundreds of colors and thickness by compositing these materials, with variations in the braiding sequence and filament composition.

Our high performance braided lines are customized to meet requirements in the new era of sport fishing, offering a large choice of OME and ODM products for international customers.

Lead Sinker

In meeting the demand of lead sinker from our valued customers, Anka invested in injection die casting machines to produce 400,000kg of lead sinkers annually.
On top of producing conventional sinker designs, we are continuous developing new patterns to suit the requirement of anglers for diverse fishing application. © Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.